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Information that keeps you "in the know" with the intent of improving your financial well being.

Alimony Tax Changes Require Planning

The taxation of alimony will change drastically starting in 2019. Here’s what you need to know:   New rules Any divorce agreement effective after Dec. 31, 2018 will be subject to new rules for alimony, namely:   Alimony is no longer tax-deductible for the payer. Alimony...


Reminder: Second Quarter Estimated Taxes Due

If you have not already done so, now is the time to review your tax situation and make an estimated quarterly tax payment using Form 1040-ES. The second quarter due date is now here.   Normal due date: Friday, June 15th 2018 SPECIAL NOTICE: With major tax...


2019 Health Savings Account Limits

The savings limits for the ever-popular health savings accounts (HSA) are now set for 2019. The new limits are outlined here with current year amounts noted for comparison.   What is an HSA?   An HSA is a tax-advantaged savings account used to pay qualified health care...


Make Your Child’s Summer Break a Tax Break

As a busy working parent, you may be concerned about what activities are available for your kids this summer. There may be a solution that’s also a tax break: summer camp!   Using the Child and Dependent Care Credit, you can be reimbursed for part of the...

Deduct Business Meals the Right Way

Suppose you take your best client out to dinner to celebrate your business relationship. If you own a business, are self-employed or run a side business, can you deduct any of the cost?   The answer is not so clear after the passage of the Tax...


Leveraging Your Children’s Lower Tax Rate

If you're a parent, your dependent children can be a source of tax savings. There are the well-known provisions in the tax code such as the Dependent Child Care Credit and the Child Tax Credit, but there's also an opportunity to shift some taxable income...


The New World of Charitable Deductions

Your charitable contribution deductions are still a great tax savings tool, but they may require more planning following the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) last year.   Background Typically, cash and non-cash charitable donations can be deducted on an itemized return. But...


Audit Rates Decline for Sixth Year in a Row

The IRS reported audit rates declined last year for the sixth year in a row and reached their lowest level since 2002. That’s good news for people who don’t like to be audited (which is everybody)!   But don’t get complacent. A closer look at the...


If You’re Expecting a Refund, Read This

The end of tax season is approaching and if you’re getting a refund, here are four useful tips to know.   The average refund is more than $2,000. About three-fourths of Americans get a refund from the IRS every year, and the average check last...


Is Home Equity Loan Interest Still Deductible?

There is a lot of confusion about home equity loans following the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) last year. The act changed the rules on whether the interest on these loans is deductible. So is it?   The short answer: Not unless...


Tax Act Tip: Change Your Roth Conversion Thinking

If you're considering converting a traditional IRA retirement account into a Roth IRA, be aware that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) signed last year now limits your ability to change your mind.   The recharacterization strategy   When you convert a traditional IRA to a...