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Learn to LOVE the Process

Learn to LOVE the Process

Small business ownership is hard. Can I get a witness? There are so many challenges each and every day that it’s easy to want to throw in the towel. But I have a secret for you. If you want to have success as a small business owner, you have to learn to love the process. Let’s break that down.

Lean on those who have come before. There are clues to success and seeking out relationships with successful business owners will really enhance your ability to drive success in your own business. You get the benefit of learning from someone else’s mistakes and patterning after their successes. You can save a great deal of time, money and heartache.

Organize your business around your core beliefs. If you start with your belief system, you have something to measure yourself against. As an example, let’s say a core belief is that quick and clear communication is important to you. Over time, you start to see that your processes have caused your response times with customers to slow down. Being organized around your core beliefs will allow you to track your important measurables (in this case customer response time) and adjust your processes to honor your belief.

Value small improvements. I cannot emphasize this point enough. Big goals are fantastic, but they are achieved with very small movements; orchestrated in a focused manner in a direction we are trying to go. So document and celebrate little successes. If you start moving off course, correct it quickly before you are pointed in the wrong direction. But definitely be satisfied with small improvements because they stack together to make amazing improvements.

Embrace uncertainty. I am in the people business. No matter how much experience I develop and how my patterns I notice over time, new things happen every day. That’s because people are unique. And each person acts and responds to a situation completely different than the next due to their belief systems, backgrounds, current emotional state, etc. If we expect every day to “follow the script”, we’ll be disappointed day after day. Embracing uncertainty allows us to be fulfilled during unique and challenging days.

We can all agree that small business ownership is difficult. But I bet we can also agree that if we change our focus to LOVE the process of small business ownership and growth, we will achieve success no matter our outcomes.

Michael Guertin

Michael is the President of Aperto, a family-owned and operated CPA firm based in San Antonio, TX. He's an entrepreneur that happens to be a CPA and he's been helping small business owners thrive for over 16 years.

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